Rocky Mountain Adaptive receives the ‘Bowhead Reach’, a Unique Adaptive Mountain Bike to Assist in Bringing Adaptive Sport Experiences to the Canadian Rockies.

What is Rocky Mountain Adaptive?

Rocky Mountain Adaptive (RMA) is a registered charity providing individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate, learn and excel at mountain sport and recreation. Based in Canmore, AB, RMA caters to all ages and abilities, providing activities in the Bow Valley area (including Canmore, Kananaskis, Banff, Lake Louise, and surrounding areas). Activities are available to guests from all over the world. RMA facilitates activities ranging from single-day experiences to multi-day programs and camps.

The mission of RMA is to enable all individuals, ranging from children to older adults, with physical, intellectual, cognitive, or developmental challenges to participate, learn, and excel in all sport and recreation activities in the Canadian Rockies. RMA offers over 20 different adaptive sport and recreational activities.

“We can’t thank Wolfe Automotive Group enough for its countless contributions to RMA,” said Alana MacLeod, the community outreach coordinator at RMA. “Not only are they involved in other fundraisers, such as ‘EndurAbility’, but they go above and beyond when it comes to community helping community and we’re so thankful for this generous donation and sponsorship opportunity. The Bowhead Reach will be an invaluable contribution to our summer programming and will allow so many more individuals living with a disability to access the mountains.”

How is the Wolfe Automotive Group working with Rocky Mountain Adaptive?

The Wolfe Automotive Group is donating a “Bowhead Reach Adaptive Mountain Bike” to Rocky Mountain Adaptive to expand on providing individuals with disabilities the opportunity to experience adaptive sports. The adaptive mountain bike made by Bowhead Corp will be showcased at a series of unveilings at each of the Wolfe Automotive Group’s dealerships.

“Giving back to our communities is an imperative part of our company culture,” says Ashley Wolfe, President of the Wolfe Automotive Group. “The Bowhead Reach is an incredible piece of adaptive equipment for those living with physical, cognitive or developmental challenges. This unique adaptive mountain bike will provide biking experiences for many who might not otherwise have that chance.”

What is the Bowhead Reach Adaptive Mountain Bike?

The Bowhead Reach is an incredible piece of adaptive equipment for those living with physical, cognitive or developmental challenges looking for an authentic mountain biking experience. Made by Bowhead Corp, founded by Christian Bagg, the Bowhead Reach is an adapted e-bike fully equipped with handle-bar steering, a turning radius of 80 inches, three inches of dual front wheel suspension with shocks, and more. It is truly a remarkable piece of equipment that is invaluable when it comes to Rocky Mountain Adaptive and its mission to make mountain sport and recreation in the Canadian Rockies inclusive and accessible.

How can I get involved with RMA?

Join the Endurability Challenge!

1. Choose Your Challenge. Walk 10,000 steps, hike a mountain, paddle the lake, ride a trail or ski the North Pole, climb Mt, Everest, swim the Amazon. Need inspiration, click here…

2. Set Your Challenge Length. 30 (1-20 days) or 60 day (1-60 days) challenge.

3. Select Your QuaranTEAM. Individual, virtual, or cohort. 1-10 ppl per team (or more!)

4. Register with RMA. It’s free to enter! Answer questions on your team, activity fundraising goal. Then, get set up with your own fundraising page. Register here.

5. Download Strava. Use Strava to track your progress. Join our club: EndurAbility 2021 (Rocky Mountain Adaptive). Unable to use Strava? Use another familiar app (Runkeeper, Fitbit, and Map My Run etc). to record your distance and keep us informed of your progress.

For more information or for any questions please contact Kristy Wolfe at

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Rocky Mountain Adaptive's 2020 ForeAbility fundraiser at Silvertip Golf Resort

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